Jesse Phillips

Trusted products I use…

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Endurance training supplement

A unique endurance training supplement which I recommend is InfraRED NRG from ATP Science.


Jantex paddles

Since 2011 when I changed to Jantex I have never looked back with the paddle I choose to train and race with at all levels of performance.


Carbonology Sport skis

A ski made an immediate impact on me when I jumped in it for the first time years ago with a good mate down in Bunbury.


v-aqua five fingers

I used these in the 2019 Avon Descent and the comfort and functionality of wearing foot protection that, firstly, don’t feel like they’re on, and secondly, are robust and grippy - I couldn’t recommend these enough to paddlers in rover races like the Avon, Fish, Liffey or Sella where there are portages and uneven slippery riverbeds.

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Essentially keto

Throughout my sporting life I have considered and chosen nutrition which fit my performance outcome, which has included whole food, organic produce, high protein, high fat, low carb (keto) and amongst all that ensured alcohol and sugar were minimised. It is a tough job.

In recent times, my go to in decreasing my load as a training athlete has been to eat low carb, high fat (essentially keto…no pun intended)…and having an easy option for fuelling quality fat throughout the day is a truly a breeze with Essentially Keto products - (1) fat drops for coffee whip ups in the morning and (2) energy bars are bonkers good for any time! Have a crack.


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